PHASE 7 SYSTEMS was created by John Chatley owner of MPF NUTRITION X, after 7 years of training focused on size and strength for working on nightclub doors on the Spanish coast resorts, john then moved to Ecuador and pursue his passion my founding MPF NUTRITION X and work with big superstars like KAI GREENEMARIUS DOHNEIGNACIO TORRES in bodybuilding shows in Ecuador, John who is a big fan of DORIAN YATES style of intense training and taking in what he learn’t from the super stars bodybuilders, set about designing a training systems that was super crazy intense with 3 phase aspect to create more intensity  in a very short amount of time, after creating PHASE 7 and using it along side big name IFBB PROS with amazing results, John then went on to create equally hardcore muscle growth systems the P7 – 3 METHODRSR -7, HS10, centurion 7 and the shock growth systems MISERY 7, after this john then went on to create revolution new type of training DVDS with ifbb pro superstars AKIM WILLIAMSBEAU BAISDEN,NOVOA MENDEZIGNACIO TORRES, and RAFAEL JARAMILLO that show case the systems and the athletes training styles, know John has more big name titles coming very soon with FRED SMALLS, and many many more superstars.

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